Amdanom ni / About us

Mae Gwasanaeth Cerdd Sir Caerdydd a Bro Morgannwg yn sefydliad aml-Gyngor nid er elw sy’n cynnig gwersi a phrojectau i dros 7,000 o ddisgyblion mewn 166 o ysgolion yng Nghaerdydd a’r Fro, gyda dros 8,000 ynghlwm wrth brojectau Datblygu Cerdd ac oddeutu 900 o ddisgyblion mewn Ensembles wythnosol.

Os ydych yn dymuno i’ch plentyn gael gwersi cerddoriaeth gan y gwasanaeth, cliciwch yma.

Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Music Service is a non-profit making joint-Council organisation which currently delivers tuition and projects to over 7,000 pupils in 166 schools in Cardiff and the Vale, with over 8,000 involved in Music Development projects plus approximately 900 pupils in 18 weekly Ensembles.

If you would like your child to take part in instrumental lessons provided by the service then please click here

Pecyn Gwybodaeth I Rieni / Information Pack For Parents

Canllaw Rhiant

Parent Guide

15 thoughts on “Amdanom ni / About us”

  1. Hello, wondering if you can help advice me. I have a super keen 5 very nearly 6 Year old son who wants to learn the tuba!! Although I have told him he maybe needs to start with something smaller like the trumpet?? What age do you recommend? He is very tall if that helps.

    Many thanks
    Lois clarke


  2. Hello there – I will pass this on to the teacher- I’m sure we can fit him in . The website is now better and it should be set up, but please let us know if there is any difficulty,


  3. Hi I’ve just registered my daughter for guitar lessons and I noticed there was a discount box on the payment page but I couldn’t find any information about what they were for?


    1. Hello – We are delighted to hear that you have registered your daughter for lessons. We are not currently taking payment at the moment. In the next few weeks the registration system will generate an electronic invoice and you will be able to pay on line. There is no discount box as far as we are aware on the system. Please contact us at or call us on 02920 640951/0 if you would like to speak about this further. Best Wishes.


  4. Hello my son is in year 2 of Ysgol Dewi Sant , Llantwit Major. He is very musical and has a keyboard and guitar which he loves to spend time playing with. He has been told that he can learn an instrument from year 3. Is there any way he could receive lessons for both instruments earlier than this please?
    Many thanks,

    Claire Jones


  5. Hello, my daughter is in the Foundation orchestra, I have registered on the ccvg website and passed on my email address to the administrator, but I do not receive any information on concerts, extra rehearsals etc. How to you communicate to parents? Do I need to be on Twitter?


    1. Good morning, thank you for your comment. I have made the administrator aware of your questions and have asked them to please contact you to advise on the best way of receiving information and updates. Kind regards, The Music Service Team.


  6. Hi, My daughter has benefited immensely from lessons while in school. She will be going on to Sixth Form next year. We she still be able to have lessons?


    1. Good afternoon, Thank you for your kind feedback. We are glad your daughter has enjoyed the lessons. Pupils can have lessons in sixth form depending on the school. If you would like more information please contact the office on 02920 872 883 or 02920 872 951. Thank you.


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