Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Music Service is a non-profit making joint-Council organisation which currently delivers tuition and projects to over 7,000 pupils in 166 schools in Cardiff and the Vale, with over 8,000 involved in Music Development projects plus approximately 900 pupils in 20 weekly Ensembles.

If you would like your child to take part in instrumental lessons provided by the service then please click here.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good evening, my son, Finlay. Simson, attends Wick Marcross Primary School & is in year 2, he is interested in learning the guitar in group lessons. Would it be possible to confirm if there is availabile spaces please? I tried to register on the Website but had difficulty finding the correct part.
    Many thanks


    1. Hello there – I will pass this on to the teacher- I’m sure we can fit him in . The website is now better and it should be set up, but please let us know if there is any difficulty,


  2. Hello, wondering if you can help advice me. I have a super keen 5 very nearly 6 Year old son who wants to learn the tuba!! Although I have told him he maybe needs to start with something smaller like the trumpet?? What age do you recommend? He is very tall if that helps.

    Many thanks
    Lois clarke


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